Intracoastal Tap Spotlight! Sept 22nd

Hot Pink at Village Idiot Pub Aug 10th
August 1, 2018
Thanksgiving Day @ 6 PM – Dessert Potluck
November 20, 2018

We are so excited to bring our collaboration with Intracoastal Brewing full circle. For our last Founders event, we spent the day with the head brewers at Intracoastal and brewed the Lost Shaker Gose with them. Now that beer is coming to our taproom along with so many others…

Lost Shaker

4.5%ABV; 9IBUs Sour, lightly salted, yet perfectly balanced with lime and a touch of orange treated with passionfruit. Ridiculously refreshing.


5.1% ABV; 21 IBUs Smooth, clean and easy drinking.  Slight noble hop character. Vienna style lager crisp, light finish.


8.3% ABV – 60 IBUs A N.E. Style rasberry double IPA fermented on a few hundred pounds of raspberries and loaded with Azacca and Amarillo hops. Tropical fruit and berries dominate upfront followed by a light malt backbone and smooth hop bitterness.

Dragon Point IPA

6.5%  A West Coast style IPA with tons of hops yet perfectly balanced and not overly bitter.

Atomic Bombshell

8.0% ABV – 38 IBUs A Blonde Style Stout that smells and tastes like a stout without the dark color. Think full bodied and smooth with notes/flavors of cocoa and coffee.

Cookie Duster

8.5% New addition to the Cereal Series of beers, Cookie Duster Imperial Amber was brewed using real Cookie Crisp cereal.  Notes of fresh baked cookies, chocolate chips, and vanilla finishing slightly sweet and malty.

La Costa

5.3% Super easy drinking Mexican Corn Beer made with fresh Florida limes.  Lime upfront followed by a light and crisp finish.


8.3% ABV – 60 IBUs A double IPA brewed with all Mosaic hops and fermented on a few hundred pounds of blackberries. Blackberries and tropical fruits dominate upfront followed by a light malt backbone and smooth hop bitterness.

I Bought Pie

5.6% ABV – 28 IBUs A cream ale brewed with vanilla beans and toasted coconut. Upfront you will notice slightly sweet toasted coconut followed by a smooth vanilla finish.

Pom tree

4.7% ABV- 10 IBUs A tart/sour Berliner Weiss fermented on pomegranates and tart cherries and finished with a tiny touch of Madagascar Vanilla Beans.

New England Lucid IPA

I could not find a description for this beer so I guess we’ll all just have to try it together! I suspect it’s a deliciously hoppy, juicy IPA. Yum!