Ladies and Idiots. We all like to have fun, many of us with a beer or two. But when we can have fun, drink with our friends and pretend we’re doing a real sporting event. 

Our main event is the actual IdiOlympics, which features different beers and/or breweries, but also hosts beer games competition for prizes.  Our goal is the overall enjoyment of beer, and making ridiculous memories. We will also have live music, so bring a lawn chair for a concert after with Alter Ego and TruPhonic, and food trucks! 

The main event will host fun, but fierce beer-drinking events to test the skill and drinking ability of any who are willing to take the challenge. The teams are co-ed and participation is mandatory. Points are awarded to your team based upon how well you do in each event. For details on the events, look on Facebook or they will be posted at the bar! The team with the most points after all of the events will be the Champion. In the event of a tie, a surprise tie-breaker event will be used to determine a winner. There will be a prize for the first, second, and third place teams to be named later. 

If you do not want to participate but would like to volunteer instead please shoot us an email, we’d love to have the help! 

There is one way to sign up pick up a packet for either yourself or your whole team at the bar, and drop it off at the bar. You will not be guaranteed a spot until the team payment is received. 

Oh and team costumes are encouraged. 

Contact Us:

(Does it count if its skipped 6 years?

We’re going with it either way.)

Village Idiot Pub

Before asking an idiotic question please read this in its entirety.

What is the day of the event?

Saturday January 20, 2024

What time does it start?

Up and at em is the motto we believe in. So we will start the first wave of 24 teams at the crack of 2pm. The second wave will start at 3pm. We will cap out at 48 teams.

What wave will I be in?

First come, first serve.

Do I have to be 21 to participate?


How do I register to play on a team?
At the Village Idiot Pub or online at

When you register please name all of your teammates (there should be three others…) if you opt to be placed on a team, please specify and we will put teams together.

How do I come up with a team name?
Flip a coin, ask your momma, but please make sure all 4 people know the name of your team. We wouldn’t want you to look like idiots... or would we?

How many players on a team?
4 total. It can be 2 girls & 2 boys or 3 girls & 1 boy, or 3 boys & 1 girl or 4 boys, or 4 girls. Humans. We feel like we need to specify that.

How will winners be determined?
Each of the events will be worth points, based on how your team does. At the end, the team with the most points will be the winner. Duh.

What are the prizes for the winner?
Wouldn’t you like to know!

What are the events?
Cornhole, water balloon toss, beer pong, potato sack races, beersbe, volleyball, beer relay, and a few more fun surprises!

Does everyone on the team have to participate?
In order to qualify for points each event, participation is mandatory (why else would you be out there?!). Each event will have the opportunity for all four teammates to play.

Are there different rules for girls/guys?
No rule difference for girls or guys. This is a drinking and skill competition; there’s no advantage, you’re all idiots.

Can I change my team member because they can’t play last minute?
Yes you can get there early and the person who is substituting brings everything (i.e. ID, Money, Signed Liability Waiver) they need to participate.

When is the last possible moment for me to sign up (because I’m a really bad procrastinator)?

Friday January 19th at 6pm. The night before the event! BUT we will cap out the teams at 48 this year so I wouldn’t wait until the last minute!

Will there be a maximum amount of teams allowed to participate?
Yes, 48.

Where will this be held?
Riverfront Park in Cocoa Village. Across the street from Village Idiot Pub. Hopefully our directions don’t need to be any more specific. If so, google is really helpful.

How much does the event cost?
$ 50 per person or $200 per team. Due at the time your paperwork is turned in.

What does the $50 per person get me?
Participation in the 3rd Annual Idiolympics,. a sweet event Tshirt and the equivalent of 4 beers during the games. And in general, a grand ol time!

What are the prizes?
Don’t worry, we aren’t these people that say “everyone wins”, and yes we are absolutely keeping score. You will get a prize, we’d just like to keep it a secret. (Possibly because we haven’t decided that yet, I’m sure you’ve figured out were procrastinators, but there will be a fabulous prize, even if it ends up “just” being beer.)

Do all the events involve drinking?
Some of the events require the drinking of beer to qualify for the competition, but is not required. Some are skill games, where you don’t have to drink, however since the beer is included in your team fee and it is the IdiOlympics (for those who haven’t realized this is a play on words for Beer Olympics… and you think we’re the Idiots….) we encourage you to have a beer during the games. If you do not want to use that particular beer you can buy another beer or cider from us. Although we recommend some forethought here, we would prefer not to see you attempt this event with a 12% ABV beer; it would be humorous, but we most likely can’t afford the hospital bill. If one member of your team does not drink they can pass it on over to another member of their team, no problem.

What are the rules of each event?
We will have them posted the day of, throughout the park. As well as the judge at each event will have them memorized and possibly tattooed on their forehead.

Will there be judges?
Yes. But who’s not to say these judges can’t be bought, with chocolate, beer, or sincere compliments. I mean…. each event will have one designated person to referee or make any ruling or judgment determinations that are necessary.

You didn’t answer a question I have….
We may not have it figured out yet. But if you just HAVE to know, email us @