$500 with a limit of 100 people.
$750 for a couple.
Corporate Foundership also available.

The ‘Village Idiot’ Founders Club is a one-time opportunity to get in at the ground level. In order to realize our dreams, we’re asking you, our friends, neighbors and associates to support us through the Founder’s Club. The concept of the program is simple. You sign up for a fee, and in return, get some amazing benefits that will be offered just this one time. There’s only one chance to become a founder and the program is now open until we sell all available slots. We’re excited to be able to offer this club and can’t wait to have you aboard.

  • Growler. Each Founder will receive a limited- edition custom made insulated growler. We only made enough of these for each founder and will never make them again.
  • Your name forever etched on our Founder’s Wall. Each Founder will be immortalized on our Founder’s wall in the pub. Tiles are imprinted with your name, or you can even customize it with your signature, and then placed on our wall in the pub. It’ll be in a place where everyone can see so they’ll know the individuals bold enough to support the Idiot in the early days.
  • Permanent Happy Hour. Each Founder will get $1 off every draft they personally drink, every day, no exceptions.
  • A complimentary beer on your birthday! No explanation needed.
  • Annual Anniversary Party for you and one guest.
  • Early Entry to every event, offering, tasting, tap-takeover, and vertical tasting.
  • 20% off all Village Idiot Pub merchandise.
  • “An Official Idiot” tshirt or hat (your choice!)
  • The experience to help craft a ‘Village Idiot Founders Beer’ with a local brewery. We will carry it in our Pub as well as buy you one beer at the brewery for the event and provide food.